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Rummy tournaments are quite a popular version of the game where players can play regularly on pre-scheduled matches and showcase their skills. Tournaments are also probably the most spirited variations of the Indian Rummy game. Played for up to five rounds, players, in general, need to progress to higher stages of the game for winning the prize pool finally. In present times, with the flexibility of playing Rummy Tournaments Online, players can superbly enjoy the game.

There exist freerolls and free-entry tournaments where players can win real money and the cash tournaments where players can win bigger prize pools by paying a small entry fee. The players with the maximum number of chips carry on to the higher rounds, and the top rummy players share the prize pool depending on their position in the tournament. Rummy tournaments are so popular among the game fans that mega tournaments with massive prize pools are held frequently both online and offline. At Rummydangal, you can participate in several exciting rummy tournaments and win rewards and cash prizes.

Rummy Tournaments vs. Cash Games

When choosing between cash rummy games vs. tournaments, most people get confused thinking about which one they should play in online rummy. Both formats are thrilling and exciting and come with their own set of advantages. Therefore, what one chooses depends on his or her personal choice and preference for the game.

Here are the advantages of both cash games and tournaments to decide which type of format suits you the best.

Pros of cash rummy games

Liberty to choose when to play – In tournaments, you are bound by a definite registration period, but you can sit and play as long as you want in cash games. You can also choose if you wish to play for 30 minutes or 5 hours at a stretch on any given day.

Lesser bankroll requirements – Though a debatable topic, tournaments often tend to have buy-ins of higher value than for a cash game.

Pros of rummy tournaments

Helps you win big – Tournaments generally have exceptionally high prize pools. It's even possible to win million dollars in a tournament held for a two to five-day session. So, it is an excellent way in the game to make lots of money in comparatively less time.

Play high stakes against awful players – You will often come across amateurs trying to play in the tournaments for the first time. This allows you to beat them easily with your experience and skills in the game.

Types Of Tournaments You Can Play On Our Website Or App

The convenience of playing online rummy made the game's tournaments easily accessible than ever before, as players can play with real-money prizes without waiting in long queues in the clubs. You can register with us and enjoy an array of exciting rummy tournaments across different variants of the game. Choose from among the massive variety of rummy tournaments with other formats, levels, and prizes and showcase your skills in the game.

Freeroll Tournaments

If you are entirely new in online rummy and are just stepping into the world of online real cash Rummy games, keeping an eye out for Freeroll Tournaments would be the best option. As the term suggests, 'Freeroll Rummy Tournaments' allow you to participate in for free, which is a great chance for players who want to try online real cash Rummy games without the fear of losing their money. Despite free entry, the winner can still walk away with real money in his bank, which makes this a mutually beneficial situation. Plus, playing at these tourneys will get you the professional exposure, which you can use to level up your skills and strategies.

Cash Rummy Tournaments

Playing at Cash Rummy Tournaments would be a wise choice for those who have little experience winning online Rummy games. These tournaments will help you improve your skills, and constant practice in these events will eventually make you a pro someday. Players with a high survival rate and a deadly combination of skills are anticipated most in these tournaments. You can play these tournaments more than once in a day. Also, the bigger the entry fee you pay, the bigger the cash prize you can withdraw.


  1. Make sure you are registered on Rummy Dangal.
  2. Log in on our site.
  3. Click 'PLAY NOW' & enter our lobby.
  4. Select the TOURNAMENT tab.
  5. Choose 'FREEROLL' (or) 'CASH' Tournaments
  6. Click the 'JOIN' button.


  1. Your e-mail & mobile number must be verified to enter a tournament.
  2. Winnings earned from FREEROLL and LOYALTY point tournaments will be further added to the Deposit Account.
  3. Upon making a purchase into your cash account, the Promotional Winnings will be considered null and void as per the terms of the withdrawal policy.
  4. Winnings earned from FREEROLL and LOYALTY point tournaments for Non-Depositors can only be employed for Cash wagering and also cannot be withdrawn.
  5. Management of Rummydangal reserves the right to remove or edit tournament rules at any point in time without prior notice.
  6. Fraud activities are not encouraged on our site, and if found, withdrawals will be suspended.

Explore the exciting world of cash rummy tournaments and win real cash prizes with your rummy skills at Rummydangal. Experience real fun and thrill of the game now!

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