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Gaming experience is a top priority at Rummy Dangal and we are constantly updating new features based on player feedback.

Auto Play (AP) is a feature that gets enabled in case of Internet Disconnect during Game Play. Auto play draws a card and discards it (same card) for 5 consecutive turns giving you a chance to connect back and take control of your game.

AP becomes active in the below scenarios:

  1. AP will not be enabled for these games if you have not picked a card before getting disconnected.
  2. For games that don't have the Drop Option (Best of 2 & Best of 3), AP will get enabled even if you have not picked a card before getting disconnected once the game has started.
  3. In case of games with multiple rounds (101 and 201 pool), AP will continue for the next round if the player is still disconnected and drop the player on the first chance and award First Drop points.
  4. As the game progresses AP will draw and discard a card for 5 continuous rounds automatically after your turn timer ends.
  5. Once you get connected back while in Auto Play, you will see a screen with an "I am Back" button along with the number of turns AP was in use and the cards which AP had picked and discarded. You can take control of your game by clicking the button to get back into the game.
  6. "I am Back" button will be disabled if you get connected back in the last 4 seconds of your turn. This will get enabled after your turn is passed to the next player.
  7. If you are playing on two tables and get disconnected, the "I am Back” screen will show information and discards only for the second table.
  8. If you are not connected after 5 chances, then you will be dropped from the game and the respective drop points will be awarded.
  9. In case another player places a Valid Show, then AP will stop.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Auto Play is to make sure that players are given a chance to get back into the game instead of being eliminated in its absence.
  2. Management is not responsible for any errors or variations in scores awarded that arise when Auto Play is enabled.
  3. Management is not responsible if Auto Play or "I am Back" doesn't work in any game.
  4. Management has the right to make changes or remove Auto Play functionality at any point of time without prior notification.

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