Pools Rummy

The pools variant of rummy is possibly the easiest and most basic version of Indian Rummy, yet the most preferred among skilled players. With Indian Rummy now moving into the sphere of online rummy games, you get to join a virtual pool of players who could be logged in from any corner of the world.

Pool Rummy, also known as a Syndicate, is joined by 2 to 6 players. This format has no fixed number of deals, hence can carry on for a long period of time. So get comfortable and keep a pot of coffee ready at hand when you join your game.

The main objective of Pool Rummy is to collect the least number of points in these games. Players get eliminated when they reach 101/ 201 points, hence one needs to aim to be the last player remaining on the table by having the least number of points to be the winner.

Players need to pay an entry fee to join a game of Pool Rummy. The entry fee collected from all the players becomes the prize pool. The winner of this game goes home with the prize pool minus the rake.

The player who places the show gets 0 points while the rest of the players get a score based on the ungrouped cards left on their hand.

The secret of winning Pool Rummy is consistently winning the rounds or managing low points. This game type helps immensely in improving your rummy skills besides adding handsomely to your pocket.

Points to note:

  1. There are two variants of Pools Rummy - 101 Pool and 201 Pool
  2. Player with the lowest score at the end of the games is declared the winner
  3. In case of 101 Pool, the drop points are: First drop - 20 points; Middle drop - 40 points and Full count - 80 points, which is the maximum
  4. In case of 201 Pool, the drop points are: First drop - 25 points; Middle drop - 50 points and Full count - 80 points, which is the maximum
  5. To Win, you need:
    1. One Pure Sequence (Sequence without Joker) - Compulsory
    2. Second Sequence (Can be with or without Joker) - Compulsory
    3. Remaining cards can be grouped (meld) into sets or sequences of minimum 3 cards each
  6. The player with a valid show gets 0 points, the remaining players accumulate points that are a sum of their ungrouped cards (Ungrouped cards are those which cannot be grouped into valid sets and sequences)
  7. Points are calculated at the end of every round and players are eliminated from the game once they reach 101/ 201 points
  8. Players have an option to re-join if all the other players at the table have points less than 79 in a 101 game and 174 in a 201 game

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