Online Rummy is Absolutely Legal

You read it right, 'Online Rummy is absolutely legal' to play on Rummy Dangal. Also, it is entirely approved by the Constitution of India because you require specific skills and knowledge to play it.

Several years ago, playing games of skill like Rummy and Poker were treated under the category of gambling but, you may note in the court ruling of present times that playing Rummy is now viewed as a business activity.

Playing Rummy is Legal in India, and is protected under Article 19[1] (g) of the Constitution of India.

In 1968, The Supreme Court of India confirmed Rummy as a Game of Skill, and used these points to justify their decision:-

  1. Any competition or game where the possibilities of success depend on a specific degree of skill is not gambling.
  2. And, even though there is luck involved, Rummy is a purely a game of mind skills, and must not be taken as a game of mere skill.

Rummy Dangal is 100% Registered and Authentic

Since the game is legal in the nation, websites like Rummy Dangal that are offering 24x7 online rummy services had registered themselves under the pertaining gaming laws. Also, the company has acquired the necessary licenses to conduct online Rummy tournaments and services.

The Rummy Federation of India

The Rummy Federation of India is a not for profit society registered under the Societies Registration Act, with the primary goal to guide and support the online Rummy industry in India.

This federation also safeguards the interests of players by ensuring a healthy and safe playing environment for them.

RNG Certified

Every legitimate website like Rummy Dangal that offers online Rummy games has received the Random Number Generation certification. This certificate permits them to operate on the RNG algorithm. It means that the distribution of cards is completely random and AI-driven, hence there is no human intervention in it that could result in any deceitful activity.

RBI Compliant Monetary Transactions

Since there is no physical cash involved, Rummy Dangal and various other websites follow RBI guidelines for online monetary transactions. The users require to complete their KYC form to play cash games. Plus, to keep all the user-related information safe, rummy websites offer secure payment gateways with different modes of payment.


In summarize, you can enjoy the game of online Rummy without having any thought of legality in your mind. The game is purely skill-based and offers you a great chance to win real cash.

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